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II I’m your Mickey Goldmill coaching you from just outside of the ring, pushing you to your greatest potential II

Over the course of my career, I’ve been instrumental in growing teams from 0 employees to 300+, expanding companies and cultures across multiple offices, and building dynamic technical and creative teams, successfully creating diversity and inclusion and employee engagement programs and initiatives, and creating company systems and processes for a variety of companies including NFL, Canvas Worldwide, Horizon Media, Vizeum, Magnopus, and most recently Brud, Nexus Studios, and Community to name a few. 


Before transitioning to a full-time consultant,  I held an Executive position at the virtual production and VR/XR/MR studio Magnopus. As their Head of Studio, I developed and led a diverse team of Engineers, Artists, Producers, and support staff. Oversaw organizational development and production and company operations. Managed employee talent acquisitions and recruiting and successfully grew the workforce from less than 30 employees to well over 150 and growing. Designed and implemented diversity and inclusion best practices in hiring and throughout the organization. Partnered with co-founders to land top projects with Sony Music, Pixar, Disney, Apple, Facebook, and other high profile clients.

In addition to my work with tech and entertainment companies, I've worked closely with several organizations that provide aid and counseling to victims of domestic sex trafficking as well as organizations that promote the arts and tech among young people in economically disadvantaged areas.​

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